Scripts On My AD3 Presentation 1: Quad Chamfer

During my presentation in AD3 2012 in Venice, I introduced few scripts that I use frequently in my workflow. Many friends were very interested and asking me about these scripts so I decided to write about these useful tools on my blog as well.

The first one is the Quad Chamfer by Marius Silaghi.

I have been using this  tool since earlier versions and recently it has also become a modifier. This useful tool makes your modeling faster and easier by helping you to eliminate tris and n-gons in your chamfer and it helps you chamfer in quads (4-gons.) Anyone who is into  poly-modeling well know that when chamfering complex shapes, we come across a lot of tris or n-gons which are not favored by the Turbosmoth or in other words, subdivision methods. With quad chamfer, I get nice quads very easily and I  use this a lot.



Another useful benefit of the script is that you can add your chamfers as modifier and they will appear on the modifier stack which makes it possible to go back and tweak this chamfer value again and again. There are different methods for chamfering: such as with edge weights. User interface and plugin is pretty straight-forward aand very easy to use. You can visit Marius Silaghi's web site and buy this great tool there: